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Who we are 

Over the past decade we have experienced how massage therapy positively influences lives. Working anywhere from inside a client’s home to corporate offices and events has allowed us to help a wide range of clients. 

At Peace Massage Co. provides therapeutic massage at YOUR location. Each session is customized with our clients needs in mind. We truly care about our clients and are devoted to helping them on their healing journey.

While we enjoy traveling to our clients for table massage, we are also known for bringing chair massage to the work space.

In Home Table Massage - On Site Chair Massage - Spa Day - Events - Employee Appreciation - Wellness Programs - Monthly Massage Subscription   

Meet the owner of At Peace Massage Co.

I am a big advocate of rest and healing. Massage therapy has been my way of giving back to my community for the past 16 years. It is the best feeling to know I have a purpose to help those in need. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with the ones closest to me that I love. 

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