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 Chair Massage


An increased feeling of well-being.

A single 15-minute chair massage can promote increased blood circulation,

lower blood pressure, and a strengthened immune system

- benefits that you’ll experience for days or even weeks after your treatment. 


Studies show that approximately 90% of disease is stress-related resulting in an increase in healthcare visits. Regular chair massage can help with employee stress management, repetitive motion injury and alertness. 


 On-site chair massage offers all the benefits of massage in public spaces such as the workplace. The recipient of the massage is seated in a specially designed massage chair and remains fully clothed. Massage techniques are given through the clients clothing and focus on the upper body; head, neck, and arms.


At Peace Massage Co. offers chair massage for ANY occasions and/or event.


Spa Parties/ Retreats

Open Houses

Art Shows

Corporate office

Employee Appreciation

Corporate/ Small business Wellness Programs

Teacher Appreciation

Vendor events

and more! 

What our customers are saying

" I have used Jesika on several occasions and she is thorough in finding the problems areas and very professional. The fact that she travels to where you are makes a world of difference. I always recommend her to my clients and friends. Try for yourself and tell me if I am wrong."

- M.G. a At Peace Massage client

"Jesika has been amazing to work with! She works with many corporate clients and they love her, many saying that she provides the "best massage they have ever had." Jesika is very professional, knowledgeable, and hard working. I work with many massage therapists throughout the US and I highly recommend Jesika as one of the best we have ever worked with!"

- C.A. a At Peace Massage partner

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